Monday To Friday 8am-6pm, Sunday 11am-4pm
  • Start packing long before (6 to 8 weeks) the moving date.
  • Always select a large enough working area for packing in order to place easily even the largest cartons. Your working surface should be strong and well-protected.
  • Perform the packing room by room as it is more easier and try to make your own inventory list.
    First pack the items that you use rarely.
  • If possible, consider the floor plan of your new home or office – in this way your items will be placed into the desired rooms.
  • Separate the breakable items from your the non-breakable ones.
  • Don’t pack your items in old newspapers as the ink can stain them. We recommend you to use packing paper or blank newspaper.
  • When labeling list the general contents on the outside of each box.