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  • The quality of the packing supplies is definitely the most important thing when packing. You should only use new boxes and materials in order to guarantee the safety and the good condition of your items.
  • Perform the packing precisely as the carrier is going to inspect all the items before loading them.
  • Pack with sturdy boxes, using old free boxes or bags is a mistake. In case you decide to use old boxes make sure that they are clean of insects.
  • All the boxes should be closed and sealed in order to stack them easier and to protect your articles.
    Use boxes with tops or flaps.
  • For your fragile items – glassware, crystalware, figurines, mirrors, etc., use boxes that have an additional protection.
  • Don’t hesitate to use the specially designed boxes, such as dishpacks, mirror cartons, upright boxes, wardrobe boxes, etc. The added protection of these cartons may help you avoid damage resulting from poor quality packing material.
  • Use packing tape instead of duct tape or masking tape.
  • For all your electronics – TVs, computers, etc., use an anti-static bubble wrap as it does not cause static electricity and won’t damage your items.
  • Number and label all your boxes with a permanent marker. Labels like “This Side Up” and “Fragile” are necessary. In this way you are indicating the movers that these boxes should be treated with an extra care.
  • You should place the heavier items on the bottom of the box, and the lighter – on the top.
    Use the smallest boxes for the heaviest items.